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  • 吹瓶機 PET Bottle Blowing Machine

  • 凈化設備 Purification Equiment

  • 模具類型 Mould Type

  • 產品應用 Product Applications

  • 產品特點 Product Features

  • 產品介紹 Product Introduction

  • 灌裝設備 Filling equipment

  • 套標,貼標設備 Set of labels, labelling Equipment

  • 包裝銷售 Packaging sales

  • 市場前景 Market Prospects

  • 成本分析 Cost Analysis

  • 設備和工藝 Equipment and Technique


About Us


Jinan Zhengde Science and Commerce Co., Ltd. was established in 1998, mainly dedicated to the development and application of new technology, new equipment and the promotion of environmental protection equipment. At present, we are mainly committed to pure water equipment filtration, can packaging, etc. In addition, we have developed new types of environmentally friendly pencil equipment, using waste newspapers for reuse, protecting the environment and adapting to the trend of the times. At present, we are applying for the national patent of food additive curing method.



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